designAt Brown and Marshall, we are completely committed to satisfying the needs of our customers


Few electrical contractors can offer a design and build package as complete as B&M’s With extensive knowledge of so many industries and their manufacturing processes, we are a natural choice for the turn-key electrical project. The majority of our commercial projects are completed on a design and build basis featuring our unique ability to reduce costs for the client through energy savings and value engineering. Any contractor operating in today’s commercial and industrial construction markets must exhibit the ability to provide a complete and competitive design and build package.


With over 10 years of design and build experience, we have established a prominent reputation among electrical contractors throughout Alberta. We are willing to stake that reputation on every project, large or small.


Our design build electrical services include designing and building electrical systems from the ground up. We can be involved from the conceptual stage through to the actual physical wiring and programming. Design build projects come in many forms. They can be designing and installing the electrical system for home all the way to a large commercial building including service sizing, lighting applications and power wiring requirements.


Design build projects also take the form of custom industrial control panels to operate machinery. Practical experience in these fields lets us choose the correct and most price effective products to do the job quickly and effectively. We can coordinate our efforts with other contractors or collaborate with, and be a part your team.